Hiring Transformation Exclusive Offer

For the first time, our How to Hire to Core Values process will be available online at a fraction of the cost for on site implementation.  The entire process will be presented over three months in a Live online training beginning July 30, 2024.  This is an opportunity to learn how to create a system that attracts and retains talent that is in alignment with the core values of your company.

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Creating Your Dream Culture

A Transformational Program for Business Owners and Leaders

With over 30 years of experience in recruiting and hiring, we know that the foundation for a successful hire requires a strong culture fit.  A well-defined and strategically crafted culture is not only integral to hiring success but critical for overall business prosperity. Unfortunately, many companies struggle with an ever-shifting culture, evolving with each new hire and lacking a cohesive identity.

Establishing the desired culture and ensuring every aspect of the company is aligned with it, is the responsibility of the company Owner or Top Leadership.  How you hire and retain talent is vital for this alignment.  Achieving this requires more than running job ads and asking “the right” interview questions.  It lies in attracting talent that resonates with your culture which is defined by your Core Values.  This strategic approach sets top performing companies apart from all others.  They do not compete for talent, they attract and retain exceptional talent that is in harmony with the culture, the passion and purpose of the organization because they share the same Core Values.

This process is a journey of discovery, or rediscovery, of who you are and who you want to be as an organization and as a Leader. Let’s walk this transformative journey together, where we provide comprehensive guidance to unlock the full potential of your business through strategic cultural alignment and innovative hiring strategies.

This is not a course to get you inspired and then leave you frustrated trying to implement the process on your own.  We walk you through the process and stay beside you during implementation and on-going continuous improvement.

Discover the power of aligning your culture with your hiring process. If you’re a business owner or leader committed to making this transformation, join us to create a place where everyone loves to work, including you!

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What the Program Offers

Module One – Building the Foundation – You will learn the most important thing that will transform everything about how you do business.  You will design the culture that you desire for your company and define the core values that establish the foundation for this culture.

We will then go to the step where most leaders stop, we will align everything in your organization to these Core Values. 

Module Two – Aligning Work Systems – Once the Foundation is in place, we will define your work systems that align with your purpose and integrate your core values.  This provides an amazing structure for employees to bring creativity and problem solving for continuous improvement of how things are done.

Module Three – Redefining How You Hire – Finally, we will develop the nuts and bolts of your hiring process. This is where we bring everything together from Module One and Two and attract a seamless flow of qualified talent.

Program Details

Training consists of three Modules, each Module has 3 Lessons.  Lessons will be taught weekly in a Live session lasting approximately 90 minutes. This session begins on Tuesday, July 30, 2024 at 11:00 am CST. Each session will be recorded and available to watch inside the Private Community Group. 

There will be an additional 90-minute Q&A session each Friday to address your specific questions.

You will receive a 12-month Membership to our Private Community Group.  This is where all of the training sessions, coaching and discussions will take place.  This Group provides an opportunity for you to learn from other business leaders.  This also provides a place for additional coaching and interaction to answer questions and provide additional resources to guide you through your transformation and continuous improvement. 

There will also be announcements of new projects that we are working on within this group, giving you the first opportunity to participate in some exciting things that we are working on.

lease Note that this is Live Training, you must sign up before registration closes on Sunday July 28, 2024, at Midnight CST. The first session starts on Tuesday July 30, 2024.

Hiring Transformation Offer DETAILS

Offer Value = $80,309.00

Limited Offer = $4,997.00

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Important Details

– Registration Deadline:  Sunday July 28, 2024, at Midnight CST

– Program Start Date: Tuesday July 30, 2024, at 11:00 am CST

– Session Duration: 90 minutes per session – Live Presentation each Tuesday at 11:00 am CST

– Q&A Session Duration: 90 minutes per session – Live Presentation each Friday at 1:00 pm CST

– All sessions will be recorded for future reference.

Early Bird Bonus for first 10 Registrations:  3 hours of one-on-one Coaching

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After working with companies one-on-one to implement this process over an 18-month period.  We are offering this opportunity to work with you virtually allowing us to reach more companies at a greatly reduced price but still provide the same support and on-going guidance.
We understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to finding and retaining the best talent. Through this exclusive program, you will be guided through a process that will unlock the full potential of your business through strategic cultural alignment and innovative hiring strategies.

Our Guarantee

Your success is important to us.  If for any reason you feel that this program is not delivering the expected value within 30 days of the first session, simply inform us, and we will issue a full refund .