How is The Talent Loop different from a Jobs Board?

Simply put, we don’t accept resumes, we don’t post jobs, we aren’t about filling a job for a company and then moving on to the next one. Our first priority is getting to know you, building a relationship for the long-term.
We help individuals identify the work that they really enjoy and put together a strategy to pursue that work, we call that a DREAM JOB.
We provide companies with a continuous loop of talented individuals that share their core values and are passionate about their mission.
At the end of the day, we want to end hiring as we know it. We are here to connect great people to great companies with shared values to achieve a mission in the most effective, efficient, and rewarding way possible.

Why would I pay to join the Talent Community when I can post my resume for free?

There are over 175 million resumes on job boards, what is the chance of finding your dream job there?
Our Talent Community is not just for Job Seekers. In fact, we want anyone that has ever had a job, is in a job, is out of a job to join us! We provide resources to help you develop a job strategy and then implement it.

We work to destroy the obstacles between you and your DREAM JOB.

We are also building a technology to connect you to our exclusive companies that must qualify to work with us.

Why do companies have to qualify to work with The Talent Loop?

The foundation to make DREAM JOBS possible is to match individuals with companies that share the same values. We require companies that we work with to go through a process that defines their core values and strategically aligns them to the operations of the company and to hiring. We only work with companies that have the top leadership involved in the process.

When a company is qualified by The Talent Loop, you will know that they mean it when they state their purpose and their values. That is who they are, how they work and what drives them. Having a Mission Statement hanging on the wall does not qualify a company, they must live and breath their values and they must permeate the culture.