The Talent Loop exists to build meaningful relationships with our work and who we work with and help others do the same.

My name is Karla Degginger and I am the founder of The Talent Loop.

My career spans 30 years, working for 6 different companies in 2 different industries with various positions from entry to senior level. I trained people, I taught people, I worked as a scientist, a statistician, a salesperson, a recruiter. What is interesting is as I write down what I did and what I enjoyed the most it was building relationships, working with people, solving problems, continuous improvement, contributing to a team or a project. That sums up what I found meaningful and where I made my biggest contributions.

I am qualified to do just about anything where those fundamental skills apply. So, my resume is really worthless, key words don’t mean much. I know what I love to do, I know what I enjoy the most, that’s my Dream Job. The times that I changed jobs was either due to life style changes or I found that I didn’t share the same values as the company which ended our relationship.

The negatives and the positives of my career and positions can be summed up on one page without listing a bunch of titles and a bunch of bullet points and company names. You don’t have to work 30 years to figure this out, at least not everyone should have to, learn from my experience and let me shorten your learning curve.

By knowing what you love to do we can match you with companies that share your same values and applying the skills and talents that you have there to make a difference, to develop yourself, and to contribute to the company.

You see lack of experience does not make someone unqualified…

I spent over 20 years trying to find great talent for companies. During that time I met a lot of great people, built life-long relationships and shared in the celebrations of new hires to the devastations of people just fired and not knowing what they would do next. I truly wanted to help people find work that they loved and find companies the best talent. However, I was often frustrated by the rude and inconsiderate behavior that was constant in this process. Individuals were often viewed as a piece of paper or dollar signs, simply inventory in a database, not deserving of timely feedback or any feedback.

When the “perfect” match was made, it usually meant the stars aligned, we were lucky, the timing was right, etc. This was more the exception than the rule. Why can’t the “perfect match” be the rule instead of the exception?

Work should not be a place of misery where you watch a clock all day so you can leave. It should not be a place where you can’t be yourself, where you have fear…of your boss, of losing your job (your paycheck), or getting hurt, of making a mistake…

It shouldn’t be this hard. Simply hire people that want to be a part of what you do as a company. Put them in a system built for success and let them thrive!

You should get up each day looking forward to the contribution that you get to make to your company, to your team to yourself, to your family, to your life?

Would the actual job matter if you liked the work environment? The people? The Customers? What if everyone was treated with respect and kindness? What impact would this have on your life?
The Talent Loop is made up of a community of individuals seeking a better way to work.
The Community consists of individuals banning together to change the hiring process. To help us remove the obstacles that stand between them and their DREAM JOB. What obstacles? Here are a few…

Resumes – We don’t accept them. We are putting a stop to one of the most unreliable tools used in the current hiring process.

Job Ads – The best match for most jobs never see your ad.

Social Media – We don’t think stalking you is the best way to start our relationship.

Applications – We will need some information from you if we think this is a good match but you don’t have to go through this just to talk with us.

Education Verification – We are more interested in your qualifications than what school you attended.

When you find yourself in a “nightmare job”, it’s not your fault. The hiring process put you here. You were on a mission to find a job, the company was on a mission to fill a job, your resume somehow made it through the system, you did great in the interview and you got the offer. Only to find out that your values do not align with the company’s but no one thought to bring that up in the interview. The job “description” did not describe the job reality at all. All of those bullet points in the job description don’t seem to be any where in the day to day job.

So, now what?

Enter our Talent Community, a place for individuals to learn how to be in control of the type of work that they do throughout their lives. To provide not only a system to do this but also provide the resources and opportunities to achieve this.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to have a dream job.

We are tired of seeing people treated rudely, with no respect, with no regard, when trying to find a job.

We have changed the hiring process and put you in control. We KNOW that we can change people’s lives with our products and services.

We are removing the obstacles that stand between the individuals and companies that share the same values and mission. We are connecting them so they can accomplish great things together!

We are not a job board or a staffing agency or recruiting firm. We believe they have created the process that is the problem. How can you connect the best matching people and companies with over 200 million resumes on job boards? How can you expect to find your dream job when you are simply inventory, a number in a data base and you can’t even talk to a human?

What does it mean to be a Talent Community Member?

  • TC Members value people and building relationships. We NEVER require you to send us a piece of paper before we will meet you!
  • TC Members are people that want to contribute and make a difference in their work and in their lives.
  • TC Members believe that a DREAM JOB allows you to be transparent, to trust, to ask questions, to ask for help, to own your mistakes.
  • TC Members believe that connecting to our DREAM JOB should be as simple as finding shared values and a passion to achieve a shared mission.
  • TC Members are always Curious, we don’t want to stagnate, to just put in our time, to only look forward to our days off. We want to learn and grow every day!
  • TC members embrace innovation and bring creativity to our work because we have permission to fail so we are encouraged to try new things, to change the world.
  • TC Members are always looking for ways to improve our work, our team, our relationships, our lives.
  • TC Members are grateful for the opportunities that we are given, for the people that we meet and the relationships that we build. For the difference that we are able to make.
  • TC Members strive for improvement always, making things better, making lives better. For us, our family, our team, our company.
  • TC Members appreciate our health and wellbeing and the importance of taking care of ourselves so we can help others.

What does it mean to be a TTL Client Company?

  • CC’s create a positive, respectful, open work environment where everyone matters, where everyone knows their part in the story. Where every position matters and we know why.
  • CC’s have systems in place to foster success and free up creativity for continuous improvement.
  • CC’s are the best at what they do and are a special place to work (people don’t view that they work there but that they belong there).
  • CC’s don’t compete for the best talent, they dominate in attracting the top talent.
  • CC’s live by their core values, they strategically align their business to them. They live and breathe them.