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The Current Hiring Process Isn’t Working!

More often than not, job-seekers are evaluated by their resume

…If the hiring manager can find it.

With over 175 million resumes online and 10 jobs posted every second…

How will you stand out?

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to change the way people work and the way companies hire
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You will have access to our online private community where we provide a variety of training and educational resources.  We will be available to answer questions and provide updates and bonus content to help with your job strategy.

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We Are Here To Help!

We have been matching people with careers for over 20 years
and we have created a better way.

Find your Dream Job

You shouldn’t have to settle for the first job that comes your way. We’re simplifying the process so that you can be excited about every Monday.

Be Your Dream Job

As a hiring manager, you should feel confident in the roles you fill. We’re simplifying the process so you are always connected to excellent, pre-qualified talent.

Connect With Dream Companies

Narrow your search to our Dream Companies. We care about your future and only work with companies who do too.

We All Want Simplified Hiring!

The current hiring process is over-complicated with resumes, job ads and career boards. The best talent is rarely matched to the best positions, forcing everyone to settle for “good enough.” 
We’ve been there… We know what it’s like to settle. 

After spending 20 years helping companies find the best talent in spite of this complicated system, we have created a better way. 

The Talent Loop takes job seekers and hiring managers on a journey to find dream jobs.  Job seekers find the career of their dreams. Hiring managers can rest assured they made the absolute best placement — not just “good enough.” 

And always be excited to go to work!